We’re developing AI-powered development toolkit for unicorns which can save millions of dollars monthly by fixing bottlenecks slowing down apps.

Olga is a powerful top executive with background in multiple tech leaders, including Gett and Game Insight, where she started as the 4th person in a startup — and left as a CEO of $100M+ revenue female-founded mobile gaming industry leader just three years later.

Lena’s predecessors at MSU Physics faculty hold as many as eight Nobel Prizes*. After graduation, she started PhD at an organization which is forever honored for one of the most notable breakthroughs in the history of humanity: putting the first human into space. We’re proud to feel this connection.

Jane co-founded an award-winning female-founded Augmented Reality startup for women during her years at Phystech — Russia’s most elite university with 10 Nobel Prizes in Physics*. After graduation she joined Yandex: upgrading her DNA with a rare winning culture of a tech team which defeated Google, Uber and other giants at their game.

Pink Puppy is a researcher at Mars AI-Resistance Quantum Physics University. It is among contenders for the last ever dog in space, as it lives on Mars, afraid of flight and not going anywhere.

*Nobel Prizes in Physics are used as the best internationally recognizable metrics for tech universities. I.e. Stanford (est. 1891) has 9 Nobel Prizes in Physics, MSU (est. 1755) — 8, and Phystech (est. 1946) — 10.

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